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Public Member Functions
render::RenderTargetEventReceiver Class Reference

#include <RenderTargetEventReceiver.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual void postRenderTargetUpdate (const RenderTargetEvent &evt)
virtual void preRenderTargetUpdate (const RenderTargetEvent &evt)
virtual ~RenderTargetEventReceiver ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

render::RenderTargetEventReceiver::~RenderTargetEventReceiver ( ) [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

void render::RenderTargetEventReceiver::postRenderTargetUpdate ( const RenderTargetEvent evt) [virtual]

Called just after a RenderTarget has been rendered to. This event is called just after all the viewports attached to the target in question have been rendered to. You can perform your own manual rendering commands in this event handler if you like.

void render::RenderTargetEventReceiver::preRenderTargetUpdate ( const RenderTargetEvent evt) [virtual]

Called just before a RenderTarget is about to be rendered into. This event is raised just before any of the viewports on the target are rendered to. You can perform manual rendering operations here if you want.

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