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input::InputDriver Class Reference

#include <InputDriver.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual InputDevicecreateInputDevice (InputType type, bool buffered)=0
 Return an input device.
CursorgetCursor ()
const core::position2dgetCursorCenter () const
virtual void initialize ()=0
 InputDriver ()
 Default Constructor.
virtual s32 numJoySticks ()=0
 Returns the number of joysticks found.
virtual s32 numKeyboards ()=0
 Returns the number of keyboards found.
virtual s32 numMice ()=0
 Returns the number of mice found.
virtual void removeInputDevice (InputDevice *device)=0
virtual void update (f32 elapsedTime)=0
virtual ~InputDriver ()

Protected Attributes

core::position2d mCursorCenter

Detailed Description

Defines the functionality of a input API Author: Kat'Oun version: 1.0

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

input::InputDriver::InputDriver ( )

Default Constructor.

References mCursor, mCursorCenter, core::position2d::X, and core::position2d::Y.

input::InputDriver::~InputDriver ( ) [virtual]


Member Function Documentation

virtual InputDevice* input::InputDriver::createInputDevice ( InputType  type,
bool  buffered 
) [pure virtual]

Return an input device.

Referenced by input::InputManager::createInputDevice().

Cursor * input::InputDriver::getCursor ( )

References mCursor.

Referenced by input::InputManager::setInputDriver().

const core::position2d & input::InputDriver::getCursorCenter ( ) const
virtual void input::InputDriver::initialize ( ) [pure virtual]
virtual s32 input::InputDriver::numJoySticks ( ) [pure virtual]

Returns the number of joysticks found.

Referenced by input::InputManager::numJoySticks().

virtual s32 input::InputDriver::numKeyboards ( ) [pure virtual]

Returns the number of keyboards found.

Referenced by input::InputManager::numKeyboards().

virtual s32 input::InputDriver::numMice ( ) [pure virtual]

Returns the number of mice found.

Referenced by input::InputManager::numMice().

virtual void input::InputDriver::removeInputDevice ( InputDevice device) [pure virtual]
virtual void input::InputDriver::update ( f32  elapsedTime) [pure virtual]

Member Data Documentation

Referenced by getCursor(), and InputDriver().

Referenced by getCursorCenter(), and InputDriver().

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