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physics::Joint Class Reference

#include <Joint.h>

Inheritance diagram for physics::Joint:
engine::Object physics::GenericJoint physics::HingeJoint physics::RigidJoint physics::SliderJoint physics::SphericalJoint

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Public Member Functions

const JointTypegetJointType () const
 Gets joint type.
 Joint ()
 Joint (const std::string &name)
void setActors (Body *body1, Body *body2)
virtual void setAnchor (const core::vector3d &anchor)
virtual void setAxis (const core::vector3d &axis)
virtual ~Joint ()

Protected Member Functions

void initProperties ()

Protected Attributes

core::vector3d mAnchor
core::vector3d mAxis
JointType mJointType

Static Protected Attributes

static u32 msNextGeneratedJointIndex = 0

Detailed Description

Defines a physical joint. Author: Kat'Oun version: 1.0

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

physics::Joint::Joint ( )
physics::Joint::Joint ( const std::string &  name)
physics::Joint::~Joint ( ) [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

const JointType & physics::Joint::getJointType ( ) const

Gets joint type.

References mJointType.

void physics::Joint::initProperties ( ) [protected]
void physics::Joint::setActors ( Body body1,
Body body2 
void physics::Joint::setAnchor ( const core::vector3d anchor) [virtual]

References mAnchor.

void physics::Joint::setAxis ( const core::vector3d axis) [virtual]

References mAxis.

Member Data Documentation

Referenced by initProperties(), setActors(), and ~Joint().

Referenced by initProperties(), setActors(), and ~Joint().

Referenced by initProperties(), and setAnchor().

Referenced by initProperties(), and setAxis().

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