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Public Member Functions
platform::PlatformDriver Class Reference

#include <PlatformDriver.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual bool checkCPUTechnology (CpuTechnology tech)=0
virtual void copyToClipboard (const c8 *text)=0
virtual ThreadcreateThread ()=0
virtual u32 getBufferMemory ()
virtual u32 getCPUCacheSize (u32 level)=0
virtual f32 getCPUFrequency ()=0
virtual const char * getCPUVendorId ()=0
virtual u32 getFreeMemory ()
virtual u32 getFreeSwap ()
virtual u16 getLogicalProcessorsNum ()=0
virtual u16 getPhysicalProcessorsNum ()=0
virtual u32 getSharedMemory ()
virtual c8getTextFromClipboard ()=0
virtual u32 getTotalMemory ()
virtual u32 getTotalSwap ()
virtual void initialize ()
 PlatformDriver ()
 Default Constructor.
virtual void removeThread (Thread *thread)=0
virtual void sleep (u32 miliseconds)=0
virtual void start ()
virtual void stop ()
virtual ~PlatformDriver ()

Detailed Description

Defines the functionality of a platform API The PlatformSystem class provides a base interface which abstracts the general functionality of the platform API e.g. Windows or Linux. Most of this class is abstract, requiring a subclass based on a specific API to be constructed to provide the full functionality. Author: Kat'Oun version: 1.0

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

platform::PlatformDriver::PlatformDriver ( )

Default Constructor.

platform::PlatformDriver::~PlatformDriver ( ) [virtual]


Member Function Documentation

virtual bool platform::PlatformDriver::checkCPUTechnology ( CpuTechnology  tech) [pure virtual]
virtual void platform::PlatformDriver::copyToClipboard ( const c8 text) [pure virtual]
virtual Thread* platform::PlatformDriver::createThread ( ) [pure virtual]
u32 platform::PlatformDriver::getBufferMemory ( ) [virtual]
virtual u32 platform::PlatformDriver::getCPUCacheSize ( u32  level) [pure virtual]
virtual f32 platform::PlatformDriver::getCPUFrequency ( ) [pure virtual]
virtual const char* platform::PlatformDriver::getCPUVendorId ( ) [pure virtual]
u32 platform::PlatformDriver::getFreeMemory ( ) [virtual]
u32 platform::PlatformDriver::getFreeSwap ( ) [virtual]
virtual u16 platform::PlatformDriver::getLogicalProcessorsNum ( ) [pure virtual]
virtual u16 platform::PlatformDriver::getPhysicalProcessorsNum ( ) [pure virtual]
u32 platform::PlatformDriver::getSharedMemory ( ) [virtual]
virtual c8* platform::PlatformDriver::getTextFromClipboard ( ) [pure virtual]
u32 platform::PlatformDriver::getTotalMemory ( ) [virtual]
u32 platform::PlatformDriver::getTotalSwap ( ) [virtual]
void platform::PlatformDriver::initialize ( ) [virtual]
virtual void platform::PlatformDriver::removeThread ( Thread thread) [pure virtual]
virtual void platform::PlatformDriver::sleep ( u32  miliseconds) [pure virtual]
void platform::PlatformDriver::start ( ) [virtual]
void platform::PlatformDriver::stop ( ) [virtual]

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