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render::Light Class Reference

Representation of a light in the render world. More...

#include <Light.h>

Inheritance diagram for render::Light:
scene::Node engine::Object

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Public Member Functions

const render::ColorgetAmbientColor () const
f32 getAttenuationConstant () const
f32 getAttenuationLinear () const
f32 getAttenuationQuadric () const
f32 getAttenuationRange () const
const render::ColorgetDiffuseColor () const
LightType getLightType ()
f32 getPowerScale () const
const render::ColorgetSpecularColor () const
f32 getSpotlightFalloff () const
f32 getSpotlightInnerAngle () const
f32 getSpotlightOuterAngle () const
bool isVisible ()
 Light (const std::string &name)
 Light ()
Lightoperator= (const Light &other)
void setAmbientColor (const render::Color &color)
void setAmbientColor (f32 red, f32 green, f32 blue)
void setAttenuation (f32 range, f32 constant, f32 linear, f32 quadratic)
void setAttenuationConstant (f32 constant)
void setAttenuationLinear (f32 linear)
void setAttenuationQuadric (f32 quadratic)
void setAttenuationRange (f32 range)
void setDiffuseColor (f32 red, f32 green, f32 blue)
void setDiffuseColor (const render::Color &color)
void setLightType (LightType type)
void setPowerScale (f32 power)
void setSpecularColor (const render::Color &color)
void setSpecularColor (f32 red, f32 green, f32 blue)
void setSpotlightFalloff (f32 falloff)
void setSpotlightInnerAngle (f32 innerAngle)
void setSpotlightOuterAngle (f32 outerAngle)
void setSpotlightRange (f32 innerAngle, f32 outerAngle, f32 falloff)
void setVisible (bool visible)
 ~Light ()

Private Member Functions

void initProperties ()

Private Attributes

render::Color mAmbient
f32 mAttenuationConst
f32 mAttenuationLinear
f32 mAttenuationQuad
render::Color mDiffuse
LightType mLightType
f32 mPowerScale
f32 mRange
render::Color mSpecular
f32 mSpotFalloff
f32 mSpotInner
f32 mSpotOuter
bool mVisible

Static Private Attributes

static u32 msNextGeneratedLightIndex = 0

Detailed Description

Representation of a light in the render world.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

render::Light::Light ( )
render::Light::Light ( const std::string &  name)
render::Light::~Light ( )

Member Function Documentation

const render::Color & render::Light::getAmbientColor ( ) const

References mAmbient.

f32 render::Light::getAttenuationConstant ( ) const
f32 render::Light::getAttenuationLinear ( ) const
f32 render::Light::getAttenuationQuadric ( ) const
f32 render::Light::getAttenuationRange ( ) const
const render::Color & render::Light::getDiffuseColor ( ) const
LightType render::Light::getLightType ( )
f32 render::Light::getPowerScale ( ) const

References mPowerScale.

const render::Color & render::Light::getSpecularColor ( ) const
f32 render::Light::getSpotlightFalloff ( ) const

References mSpotFalloff.

f32 render::Light::getSpotlightInnerAngle ( ) const

References mSpotInner.

f32 render::Light::getSpotlightOuterAngle ( ) const

References mSpotOuter.

void render::Light::initProperties ( ) [private]
bool render::Light::isVisible ( )

References mVisible.

Light & render::Light::operator= ( const Light other) [inline]
void render::Light::setAmbientColor ( f32  red,
f32  green,
f32  blue 
void render::Light::setAmbientColor ( const render::Color color)
void render::Light::setAttenuation ( f32  range,
f32  constant,
f32  linear,
f32  quadratic 
void render::Light::setAttenuationConstant ( f32  constant)

References mAttenuationConst.

void render::Light::setAttenuationLinear ( f32  linear)

References mAttenuationLinear.

void render::Light::setAttenuationQuadric ( f32  quadratic)

References mAttenuationQuad.

void render::Light::setAttenuationRange ( f32  range)

References mRange.

void render::Light::setDiffuseColor ( const render::Color color)

References mDiffuse.

void render::Light::setDiffuseColor ( f32  red,
f32  green,
f32  blue 
void render::Light::setLightType ( LightType  type)
void render::Light::setPowerScale ( f32  power)

References mPowerScale.

void render::Light::setSpecularColor ( f32  red,
f32  green,
f32  blue 
void render::Light::setSpecularColor ( const render::Color color)

References mSpecular.

void render::Light::setSpotlightFalloff ( f32  falloff)
void render::Light::setSpotlightInnerAngle ( f32  innerAngle)
void render::Light::setSpotlightOuterAngle ( f32  outerAngle)
void render::Light::setSpotlightRange ( f32  innerAngle,
f32  outerAngle,
f32  falloff 
void render::Light::setVisible ( bool  visible)

References mVisible.

Member Data Documentation

bool render::Light::mVisible [private]

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