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Public Member Functions
script::ScriptDriver Class Reference

#include <ScriptDriver.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual void compile (Script *script)
 Compile a script.
virtual void execute (const std::string &data, Script *script=NULL)
 Execute a script command from a script(context).
virtual void initialize ()
virtual void runScript (Script *script)
 Run a script.
 ScriptDriver ()
 Default Constructor.
virtual ~ScriptDriver ()

Detailed Description

Defines the functionality of a script API The ScriptSystem class provides a base interface which abstracts the general functionality of the script API e.g. Angelscript, Squirrel, Lua or Perl. Most of this class is abstract, requiring a subclass based on a specific API to be constructed to provide the full functionality. Author: Kat'Oun version: 1.0

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

script::ScriptDriver::ScriptDriver ( )

Default Constructor.

script::ScriptDriver::~ScriptDriver ( ) [virtual]


Member Function Documentation

void script::ScriptDriver::compile ( Script script) [virtual]

Compile a script.

Referenced by script::ScriptManager::compile().

void script::ScriptDriver::execute ( const std::string &  data,
Script script = NULL 
) [virtual]

Execute a script command from a script(context).

Referenced by script::ScriptManager::execute().

void script::ScriptDriver::initialize ( ) [virtual]
void script::ScriptDriver::runScript ( Script script) [virtual]

Run a script.

Referenced by script::ScriptManager::runScript().

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