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Public Member Functions
sound::SoundDriver Class Reference

#include <SoundDriver.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual void initialize ()
virtual void setDopplerFactor (f32 dopplerFactor)
virtual void setSoundSpeed (f32 soundSpeed)
 SoundDriver ()
virtual void start ()
virtual void stop ()
virtual void update (f32 elapsedTime)
virtual void updateListener (Listener *listener)=0
virtual ~SoundDriver ()

Detailed Description

Defines the functionality of a 3D Sound API

The SoundSystem class provides a base interface which abstracts the general functionality of the 3D API e.g. OpenAL or Fmod. Whilst a few of the general methods have implementations, most of this class is abstract, requiring a subclass based on a specific API to be constructed to provide the full functionality.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

sound::SoundDriver::SoundDriver ( )
sound::SoundDriver::~SoundDriver ( ) [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

void sound::SoundDriver::initialize ( ) [virtual]
void sound::SoundDriver::setDopplerFactor ( f32  dopplerFactor) [virtual]
void sound::SoundDriver::setSoundSpeed ( f32  soundSpeed) [virtual]
void sound::SoundDriver::start ( ) [virtual]
void sound::SoundDriver::stop ( ) [virtual]
void sound::SoundDriver::update ( f32  elapsedTime) [virtual]
virtual void sound::SoundDriver::updateListener ( Listener listener) [pure virtual]

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