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engine::EngineManager Class Reference

#include <EngineManager.h>

Inheritance diagram for engine::EngineManager:
engine::Object core::Singleton< EngineManager >

List of all members.

Public Member Functions

void addEngineEventReceiver (EngineEventReceiver *newEventReceiver)
 EngineManager ()
input::InputManagergetInputManager ()
LogManagergetLogManager ()
physics::PhysicsManagergetPhysicsManager ()
platform::PlatformManagergetPlatformManager ()
render::RenderManagergetRenderManager ()
resource::ResourceManagergetResourceManager ()
scene::SceneManagergetSceneManager ()
script::ScriptManagergetScriptManager ()
sound::SoundManagergetSoundManager ()
const std::string & getVersion () const
const std::string & getVersionString () const
bool isRunning ()
void removeEngineEventReceiver (EngineEventReceiver *oldEventReceiver)
void setOptionsFile (const std::string &optionsFile)
void setPluginsFile (const std::string &pluginsFile)
void setResourcesFile (const std::string &resourcesFile)
void start ()
void stop ()
void stopRunning ()
 ~EngineManager ()

Static Public Member Functions

static EngineManagergetInstance ()
 Get instance.

Protected Member Functions

void fireEngineInitialized ()
void fireEngineStarted ()
void fireEngineStopped ()
void fireEngineUninitialized ()
void fireEngineUpdateEnded ()
void fireEngineUpdateStarted ()
void initializeImpl ()
void loadOptions ()
 Method reads a game configuration file and instantiates all options.
void loadPlugins ()
 Method reads a plugins configuration file and instantiates all plugins.
void registerDefaultFactories ()
 Method registers all the default factories from all the managers.
void removeDefaultFactories ()
 Method removes all the default factories from all the managers.
void saveOptions ()
 Method saves a game configuration file with all the instantiated options.
void setPaths ()
 Method reads a plugins configuration file and instantiates all found resource search paths.
void uninitializeImpl ()
void unloadPlugins ()
 Unloads all loaded plugins.
void updateImpl (f32 elapsedTime)

Protected Attributes

u32 mLastUpdateEndTime
u32 mLastUpdateStartTime
std::string mOptionsFile
std::string mPluginsFile
std::string mResourcesFile
bool mUpdateGame
 Game loop control.
std::string mVersion
std::string mVersionString

Static Protected Attributes

static EngineEventmEngineEvent = NULL
static std::list
< EngineEventReceiver * > 

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

engine::EngineManager::EngineManager ( )
engine::EngineManager::~EngineManager ( )

Member Function Documentation

void engine::EngineManager::addEngineEventReceiver ( EngineEventReceiver newEventReceiver)

References mEngineEventReceivers.

void engine::EngineManager::fireEngineInitialized ( ) [protected]

References mEngineEventReceivers.

Referenced by initializeImpl().

void engine::EngineManager::fireEngineStarted ( ) [protected]

References mEngineEventReceivers.

Referenced by start().

void engine::EngineManager::fireEngineStopped ( ) [protected]

References mEngineEventReceivers.

Referenced by stop().

void engine::EngineManager::fireEngineUninitialized ( ) [protected]

References mEngineEventReceivers.

Referenced by uninitializeImpl().

void engine::EngineManager::fireEngineUpdateEnded ( ) [protected]
void engine::EngineManager::fireEngineUpdateStarted ( ) [protected]
input::InputManager * engine::EngineManager::getInputManager ( )

References mInputManager.

EngineManager * engine::EngineManager::getInstance ( ) [static]

Get instance.

Reimplemented from core::Singleton< EngineManager >.

LogManager * engine::EngineManager::getLogManager ( )

References mLogManager.

physics::PhysicsManager * engine::EngineManager::getPhysicsManager ( )

References mPhysicsManager.

platform::PlatformManager * engine::EngineManager::getPlatformManager ( )

References mPlatformManager.

render::RenderManager * engine::EngineManager::getRenderManager ( )

References mRenderManager.

resource::ResourceManager * engine::EngineManager::getResourceManager ( )

References mResourceManager.

scene::SceneManager * engine::EngineManager::getSceneManager ( )

References mSceneManager.

script::ScriptManager * engine::EngineManager::getScriptManager ( )

References mScriptManager.

sound::SoundManager * engine::EngineManager::getSoundManager ( )

References mSoundManager.

const std::string & engine::EngineManager::getVersion ( ) const

References mVersion.

const std::string & engine::EngineManager::getVersionString ( ) const

References mVersionString.

void engine::EngineManager::initializeImpl ( ) [protected, virtual]
bool engine::EngineManager::isRunning ( )

References mUpdateGame.

void engine::EngineManager::loadOptions ( ) [protected]

Method reads a game configuration file and instantiates all options.

References engine::EngineSettings::loadOptions(), mEngineSettings, and mOptionsFile.

Referenced by initializeImpl().

void engine::EngineManager::loadPlugins ( ) [protected]

Method reads a plugins configuration file and instantiates all plugins.

References engine::PluginManager::createPlugins(), engine::PluginManager::loadPlugins(), mPluginManager, and mPluginsFile.

Referenced by initializeImpl().

void engine::EngineManager::registerDefaultFactories ( ) [protected]
void engine::EngineManager::removeDefaultFactories ( ) [protected]
void engine::EngineManager::removeEngineEventReceiver ( EngineEventReceiver oldEventReceiver)

References mEngineEventReceivers.

void engine::EngineManager::saveOptions ( ) [protected]

Method saves a game configuration file with all the instantiated options.

References mEngineSettings, mOptionsFile, and engine::EngineSettings::saveOptions().

Referenced by stop().

void engine::EngineManager::setOptionsFile ( const std::string &  optionsFile)

References mOptionsFile.

void engine::EngineManager::setPaths ( ) [protected]

Method reads a plugins configuration file and instantiates all found resource search paths.

References mResourceManager, mResourcesFile, and resource::ResourceManager::setPaths().

Referenced by initializeImpl().

void engine::EngineManager::setPluginsFile ( const std::string &  pluginsFile)

References mPluginsFile.

void engine::EngineManager::setResourcesFile ( const std::string &  resourcesFile)

References mResourcesFile.

void engine::EngineManager::start ( )
void engine::EngineManager::stop ( )
void engine::EngineManager::stopRunning ( )

References mUpdateGame.

void engine::EngineManager::uninitializeImpl ( ) [protected, virtual]
void engine::EngineManager::unloadPlugins ( ) [protected]

Unloads all loaded plugins.

References mPluginManager, and engine::PluginManager::unloadPlugins().

Referenced by uninitializeImpl().

void engine::EngineManager::updateImpl ( f32  elapsedTime) [protected, virtual]

Member Data Documentation

EngineEvent * engine::EngineManager::mEngineEvent = NULL [static, protected]

Referenced by EngineManager().

std::string engine::EngineManager::mOptionsFile [protected]
std::string engine::EngineManager::mPluginsFile [protected]
std::string engine::EngineManager::mResourcesFile [protected]

Game loop control.

Referenced by EngineManager(), isRunning(), start(), stopRunning(), and updateImpl().

std::string engine::EngineManager::mVersion [protected]

Referenced by EngineManager(), and getVersion().

std::string engine::EngineManager::mVersionString [protected]

Referenced by EngineManager(), and getVersionString().

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