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engine::EngineSettings Class Reference

#include <EngineSettings.h>

Inheritance diagram for engine::EngineSettings:
core::Singleton< EngineSettings >

List of all members.

Public Member Functions

 EngineSettings ()
u32 getBitdepth ()
bool getFullscreen ()
u32 getHeight ()
void * getMainWindowId ()
bool getVSync ()
u32 getWidth ()
void loadOptions (const std::string &optionsfile)
void saveOptions (const std::string &optionsfile)
void setBitdepth (u32 bitdepth)
void setFullscreen (bool fullscreen)
void setHeight (u32 height)
void setMainWindowID (void *windowId)
void setVSync (bool vsync)
void setWidth (u32 width)
 ~EngineSettings ()

Static Public Member Functions

static EngineSettingsgetInstance ()
 Get instance.

Protected Attributes

u32 mBitdepth
bool mFullscreen
u32 mHeight
void * mMainWindowId
bool mOptionsModified
bool mVSync
u32 mWidth
 Game Options.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

engine::EngineSettings::EngineSettings ( )
engine::EngineSettings::~EngineSettings ( )

Member Function Documentation

u32 engine::EngineSettings::getBitdepth ( )
bool engine::EngineSettings::getFullscreen ( )
u32 engine::EngineSettings::getHeight ( )
EngineSettings * engine::EngineSettings::getInstance ( ) [static]

Get instance.

Reimplemented from core::Singleton< EngineSettings >.

void * engine::EngineSettings::getMainWindowId ( )
bool engine::EngineSettings::getVSync ( )

References mVSync.

u32 engine::EngineSettings::getWidth ( )

References mWidth.

Referenced by render::RenderManager::initializeImpl().

void engine::EngineSettings::loadOptions ( const std::string &  optionsfile)

Method reads a game configuration file and instantiates all options.

optionsfile,:The file that contains game information.

References core::ConfigFile::getSetting(), core::ConfigFile::load(), mBitdepth, mConfigFile, mFullscreen, mHeight, mVSync, mWidth, saveOptions(), core::splitString(), and core::stringToInt().

Referenced by engine::EngineManager::loadOptions().

void engine::EngineSettings::saveOptions ( const std::string &  optionsfile)

Method saves a game configuration file with all the instantiated options.

optionsfile,:The file that will contain game information.

References core::intToString(), mBitdepth, mConfigFile, mFullscreen, mHeight, mOptionsModified, mVSync, mWidth, core::ConfigFile::save(), and core::ConfigFile::setSetting().

Referenced by loadOptions(), and engine::EngineManager::saveOptions().

void engine::EngineSettings::setBitdepth ( u32  bitdepth)

References mBitdepth, and mOptionsModified.

void engine::EngineSettings::setFullscreen ( bool  fullscreen)

References mFullscreen, and mOptionsModified.

void engine::EngineSettings::setHeight ( u32  height)

References mHeight, and mOptionsModified.

void engine::EngineSettings::setMainWindowID ( void *  windowId)

References mMainWindowId.

void engine::EngineSettings::setVSync ( bool  vsync)

References mOptionsModified, and mVSync.

void engine::EngineSettings::setWidth ( u32  width)

References mOptionsModified, and mWidth.

Member Data Documentation

Game Options.

Referenced by EngineSettings(), getWidth(), loadOptions(), saveOptions(), and setWidth().

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