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render::TextOverlay Class Reference

Represents a text overlay which is rendered on top of the 'normal' scene contents. More...

#include <TextOverlay.h>

Inheritance diagram for render::TextOverlay:
render::Overlay render::Renderable scene::Node engine::Object

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Public Member Functions

Alignment getAlignment () const
const std::string & getCaption () const
f32 getCharHeight () const
MaterialgetMaterial () const
 Gets the material which this mesh uses.
f32 getSpaceWidth () const
void setAlignment (Alignment a)
void setCaption (const std::string &caption)
void setCharHeight (f32 height)
void setFont (Font *font)
void setFont (const std::string &name)
 Sets the the Font which this overlay will use.
void setSpaceWidth (f32 width)
 TextOverlay (const std::string &name)
 TextOverlay ()
 ~TextOverlay ()

Protected Member Functions

void allocateMemory (u32 numChars)
void initializeImpl ()
void initProperties ()
void updatePositionBinding ()
 Internal method for updating the positions of the element.
void updateTextureBinding ()
 Internal method for updating the UVs of the element.
void updateTransformImpl ()

Protected Attributes

Alignment mAlignment
 The text alignment.
u32 mAllocSize
std::string mCaption
f32 mCharHeight
f32 mPixelCharHeight
f32 mPixelSpaceWidth
f32 mSpaceWidth
f32 mViewportAspectCoef

Detailed Description

Represents a text overlay which is rendered on top of the 'normal' scene contents.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

render::TextOverlay::TextOverlay ( )
render::TextOverlay::TextOverlay ( const std::string &  name)
render::TextOverlay::~TextOverlay ( )

Member Function Documentation

void render::TextOverlay::allocateMemory ( u32  numChars) [protected]
Alignment render::TextOverlay::getAlignment ( ) const

References mAlignment.

const std::string & render::TextOverlay::getCaption ( ) const

References mCaption.

f32 render::TextOverlay::getCharHeight ( ) const

References mCharHeight.

Material * render::TextOverlay::getMaterial ( ) const [virtual]

Gets the material which this mesh uses.

Reimplemented from render::Overlay.

References render::Font::getMaterial(), and mFont.

f32 render::TextOverlay::getSpaceWidth ( ) const

References mSpaceWidth.

void render::TextOverlay::initializeImpl ( ) [protected, virtual]
void render::TextOverlay::initProperties ( ) [protected]
void render::TextOverlay::setAlignment ( Alignment  a)
void render::TextOverlay::setCaption ( const std::string &  caption)
void render::TextOverlay::setCharHeight ( f32  height)
void render::TextOverlay::setFont ( Font font)
void render::TextOverlay::setFont ( const std::string &  name)
void render::TextOverlay::setSpaceWidth ( f32  width)
void render::TextOverlay::updatePositionBinding ( ) [protected, virtual]
void render::TextOverlay::updateTextureBinding ( ) [protected, virtual]

Internal method for updating the UVs of the element.

Implements render::Overlay.

void render::TextOverlay::updateTransformImpl ( ) [protected, virtual]

Member Data Documentation

The text alignment.

Referenced by getAlignment(), initProperties(), setAlignment(), and updatePositionBinding().

Referenced by allocateMemory(), and initProperties().

std::string render::TextOverlay::mCaption [protected]

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